Kidloland App Review

When I was offered to give this app a test drive I definitely jumped at the chance.

Baby Lewis loves going to a local nursery rhyme class and this is a great way to continue singing classic nurse rhymes throughout the week with the added bonus of an interactive colourful screen. I can already picture him as a toddler using the app when we are out and about and he gets a bit restless.

The app is for children between 0-5 so there is a lot of aspects to the app that we can’t fully test out (because baby is only 5 months) such as letter recognition and numbers, shapes, vehicles, fruits/veg, colours, months/days, but he does give it a good go (see above) and I look forward to him developing and testing out the activities and understanding/working out the puzzles as he grows. This is good however as throughout ages 0-5 development varies hugely and at each stage there is a game or activity to suit the age and something your child would love to do. Perfect for young families with a few children at different ages.

I love the games and activities. You can join the dots, solve jigsaws, clean animals, etc. There is plenty to keep your little one amused.

My absolute favourite part of the app is the interactive screen. I love how it is not just another YouTube nursery rhyme video, which is fine, but if your looking for something extra Kidloland has it! You can hit each object e.g. cat, cow, tree, building and it will make a sound or move. There is also subtitles throughout the songs, just in case you forget the words.

In the humpty dumpty nursery rhyme above you can click on humpty, castle, trees, flute, horses, kings men and they will react in some way. It is the same with all of the nursery rhymes, obviously just different objects. I chose humpty as an example as it is Lewis’s favourite nursery rhyme and he loves the Kidloland graphics.

I think a great thing about the app is how colourful and vibrant it is and you are able to use the arrows to navigate throughout the song.

Even though Lewis is a bit young to understand the alphabet its still great to introduce them to their ABC’s in a fun way. Kidloland sings the alphabet and gives a description through song of what each object is, for example, ‘A is for Apple, Crunchy and Sweet, A Tasty, Yummy Treat, I Like To Eat One Every Day, To Stay Healthy in Every Way. B is for Ball, Always Round, Different Sizes Can Be Found, Soccer Ball or Tennis Ball, Some are Big and Some are Small’. You can pause the app at any time if you need to and you again can click on the apple or ball or letters and they will become animated.

If you like the sound of this app then head over Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad to download.

A yearly subscription is £29.99 however I am lucky enough to be able to offer 5 of you lucky folk a 3 month subscription by entering via twitter. Please share this blogpost on twitter @AMotherReccomen or just simply comment on the post I have shared informing you all this post is up. Winners will be contacted via twitter within a couple of days. Good Luck!

If anyone would like me to test drive any baby related products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Alison xo



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